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Our Pit Stop ministry is geared towards kids that are in those in between years of being children and being youth. We understand that their lives are different and unique and they need something different and unique to fit them. That is why all of our 4th and 5th graders meet together in the ‘Pit Stop’ room and have activities planned just for them.


On Sunday morning we meet at 9:15a in the ‘Pit Stop’ room for Sunday School. During the Summer we meet on Sunday Nights from 6:30-7:30p and during the school year from 6:00-7:30p we meet for our NEW Sunday Night Live program. Wednesday nights in the Summer and during the school year, we meet from 6:30-7:30p for that all important mid-week recharge with more fellowship and Bible study. 

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights during the school year and during the Summer, we meet from 6:30-7:30p for a time of fellowship and Bible study.

Pit Stop Sunday School

Sunday's 10:45 am in the Pit Stop Room
(4th & 5th Grade)

Our Kindergarten through 5th grade students use the Lifeway curriculum:

Invite your kids on a Bible exploration!

If you asked your first through sixth graders whether they want to "explore" an exhibit or "read" about it, most would choose to explore. The Bible is meant to be read, but unlike any other piece of literature, it's also living and active. The Word of God exists to be explored! Your elementary through preteens can dig deep into the greatest excavation site in existence–Scripture. As they dwell in the Word, book-by-book, they will experience the Bible like never before. Every session of Explore the Bible brings the Bible to life through rich study and engaging Bible objects, equips kids with foundational Bible knowledge and skills, and encourages them to live what they learn everywhere they go.


Summer 2019 Calendar

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Contact Information

Dr. Deron Biles 
(Interim Pastor)
 Paul Stanford


 Pati Seewald